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Can life get any better?  Mauri Riera, Patagonian Chocolatero met with me near his shop/factory in Pampaneira, Spain. What a delicious interview !!!  Join me as I learn about the origins of this tasty indulgence, review the processes and swoon over his MANY yummy creations.  This was a real treat.  Thank you so much Mauri for giving me your time and allowing me to sample some of the best chocolate I have ever tasted. And thank you to Hector for opening up his sound studio while I was on the road and without my recorder. These two Argentine natives truly made my visit magical.  UN BESO ENORME !


When in Pampaneira or Granada you MUST stop into the shop and meet Mauri and his wonderful staff of SMILE MAKERS.  If you have Facebook click through to this page ABUELA ILI and hit the LIKE button.



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In June an interview I did with Alvin Adams, host of Rise and Shine, aired on the topic of TELOS.  This recording is from my portable recorder without the station’s promos.  You can hear the full show by visiting URBANAFM’s download page.

HAVE FUN – I know I did recording it.  Thanks Al and everyone at the station.  And people – if you have any TELO stories to share do contact me.  The project is alive and KICKIN’.

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While in Boston I had the great pleasure to meet up with Rocky Abalsamo just a few days after his 94th birthday celebration.  I sat and chatted with him outside in a place where he has gone practically every single day for the last 16 years, his wife’s grave at St. James Cemetery in West Roxbury.  He knew about me from the mutual friend that brought me (Maureen) and was excited to speak castellano and tell me some stories.  He didn’t tell me the one that he is famous for, the one that reporters and writers from all over the world (the United States, China, Poland and more) have featured in magazines and newspapers.  He knew I knew that story.  Instead he told me some others.  It was a but windy and I apologize in advance for the gusts that came across our microphones.  Just ignore them and listen to this charming man.  And also cut me some slack.  Jaaa – I didn’t think I was going to play translator.  It is not my forte and he loved switching to castellano ;0)

My great thanks to Rocky for sharing and to Maureen for arranging for such a beautiful meeting.  Enjoy !  Besotes.


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I had the great pleasure of attending an asado at MIT today with several Argentinos.  I brought my recorder along to ask a few questions.  The biggest question of the day was “What do you miss about Argentina?”  Anyone that knows Argentina can guess the first answer:  FAMILY.  Listen in and find out more. It was great FUN.

Muchas Gracias for the invitation amigos. Un Beso ENORME.

Happy Birthday Argentina.  We wish we could be there for the bicentennial but for now we fly the flag from afar.  FeLiZ CuMpLe



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I apologize for not uploading new content in several months.  I defected over the river to Uruguay for the summer and upon my return to Buenos Aires have been incredibly busy with other projects and workshops.  In fact, I am headed to the USA for a workshop/seminar tour in New England and will return in mid-June.  In the mean time I am posting this URBANAFM radio 89.5 interview I did with Alvin Adams about Complementary Medicine.  Urbana’s direct links for download have a glitch therefore I have uploaded my copy to WTFA.  I hope you enjoy Patt Putting the Sexy On (Air) with Alvin Adams.  Rise and Shine !

My great thanks to host Alvin Adams – it was great fun !  And you all will have to just wait for the next interview about – yup – TELO’s – to be airing in June.

(The radio show is one hour in length in three 20 minute segments with 2 guests, music and promos.  It aired April 17th.  Catch the show each Saturday at 9am – 89.5 on your dial.)


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So what do you do, where do you go if you want to have sex but don’t have the money for a TELO?  And if you do have the money for a TELO but there aren’t any nearby how do you get there?  And who takes care of the transaction, who pays for the room?  And do you go home with someone to have sex the first time or do you go to a TELO?  From cars to clubs, to buses and bikes it is all just FUN.

Join in on more of the conversation with the English language students from the CORNUDO segment.  MUCHAS GRACIAS CLASE !

For those of you unfamiliar with the word TELO you can listen to a full explanation interview here…


CORNUDO! A Cultural Exchange

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Recently I was invited as a native USA speaker to attend an English language class at an institute outside of Capital Federal.  I agreed to the 2 hour 2 bus ride with one “catch” – I get to record the conversation and I get to pick the topic.  My topic was and always is TELOS.  The book project continues…  Here is a short snippet of our conversation.  It is not so much about TELOs.  In this segment we talk about CHEATING.  It is fun!  The sound quality is not the best but please forgive.  The laughter makes up for it.  Join in.  Besotes.

“de la muerte y de los cuernos nadie se salva “- kind of like death and taxes… Argentine relationship style.  HAVE FUN !


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Meet Nigel Tollerman, sommelier and owner of 0800-VINO.COM, a premier wine delivery service in Buenos Aires.  I met up with him at his offices in Abasto to get a mini wine lesson and taste some of the best Pinot Noir I have ever experienced in Argentina.  Nigel really knows his wine and loves to share his passion.  Listen in and learn about the company, the services and of course about wine.  This is only the first recording.  I am definitely going back to continue my education.  Next time we will be recording from the cellar which is quieter but potentially dangerous.  We may never emerge again.  Murder by Malbec – drowning a delicious, delirious death in the cave.  Coming soon… SAVE ME.

For more information please visit Nigel’s site –  Get on his mailing list and join in on the next tasting.   You will be pleasantly surprised.


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Beer aficionados are passionate about their brew.  In a country where 80% of the market is Quilmes where does a beer lover go to toss down a few microbrews?  I met up with Chris Canty of Beer In BA in San Telmo to get some clues.  I like this Aussie’s style, his sense of humor and his great passion for BEER.  It’s a living thing…

“… beer is like music and art.  If you like this music you like it, if you like this art you do.  Sometimes it is not about what you know – it is about what you taste.”  AMEN

Grab a bottle, a chopp, a jarra, a pint, a glass and exercise your baby finger… (the secret tip to knowing when you have had enough is in the interview). CHEERS !

Chris’ Beer Tour information can be found at his web site BEER IN BA. (


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Join us as we meet with author, linguist and tango singer Jose Maria (Pepe) Kokubu and learn about the origins and development of tango music and dance in Buenos Aires.  This incredibly informative and entertaining interview (complete with several glorious serenaded examples) will help you understand and appreciate this rich and deeply erotic piece of Argentine culture.  I personally was fascinated and found it difficult to stop recording and end the interview.  I hope to be invited back soon.

Philosophy. Eroticism and the History of the Tango.  It is not the Minute Waltz – It is a 40 minute “walk” through musical history and the senses with Mozart, Gardel and many more.  ENJOY !

Pepe’s book MOZART Y GARDEL – LA MUSICA DE LAS PALABRAS – is sold out.  To read more about the history of the Tango you can visit this link  AN OUTLOOK OF THE HISTORY OF ARGENTINE TANGO

PATO’S QUACK #1 – You Say Goodbye – I KISS HELLO

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This is the first in a new type of program – Pato’s Quack – monologues about Argentina because – well – Patt is not always in the country but she does have plenty of stories and information to convey.

The first PQ begins and ends with a kiss – and the troubles they can bring.  Listen in to “You Say Goodbye and I KISS HELLO” and post us what you think – better yet, post us what you have personally experienced.  Pucker up and have a good time.  This should be great fun.  Muacks.

NeoSlang in Buenos Aires

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I had a such a good time recording this lesson about street slang with Juanma and Mauro.  Come and listen in and laugh with us as Patt learns how to talk like a chica de barrio.  Que grosso.  I am still looking for that Argentine potro – jaja

Notes from Juanma:
Our country, especially in big towns, hosts a lot of urban tribes. They have their own “language.” Sometimes aggressive, sometimes funny and often impossible to understand. It’s a very exciting experience to see how they treat each other, using their own words or phrases along with hand or face signs.

For example, if we have to take the bus, we say VAMOS EN BONDI … but if we prefer to go by taxi or remise, we say NOS TOMAMOS UN TACHO O UN REMO. If we don’t have money to afford it, we must say: VOY A PATA O A GAMBA. The food or MORFI is another field where we apply our potential. For meals, we say MILANGA, CHORI, or use the name of the major brand of hamburgers PATY. We call the beer BIRRA, red wine TOTIN (in a kind of word game altering the order of syllables) and whiskey WHISCACHO.



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Recently I had the great pleasure to meet up with two of the three members of the Aca Seca Trio.  When I heard their music, a delicious melding of jazz and folklorica I simply had to share it with you.  When you listen I am sure that you will agree that these talented musicians produce a world fusion that stirs the spirit and delights the soul.  It roots in the tierra (earth) yet flies with the wind.

I have included samplings of  some of their work but there is so much more.  Their music defies language but for this verbal interview if you don’t speak English or Spanish don’t worry.  We have it covered.  We went bilingual.

JUAN QUINTERO: guitarra y voz.   ANDRES BEEUWSAERT: piano acústico, teclados, voz.   MARIANO CANTERO: batería, percusión, voz.

Please visit their web site for more music and videos and watch for tour dates in your part of the world.


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Pardon me while I munch…join me while I have coffee and cookies with Frank Almeida of Sugar and Spice in Palermo Hollywood.  Learn about how and why the business started, take an audio sampling of the delicious products they produce, AND learn about how Frank and the company give back to the community.  This wonderful Spirit not only bakes cookies, he makes SMILES – by the batches.  Prepare to be inSPIRed.

Visit Sugar and Spice on the web( ) and stop by the retail store in Palermo.  The coffee is hot, the cookies are yummy, and the pan dulces are a dream.


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“So let’s take an ice cream.  It is going to help your life to be better…and SWEET.”

Argentina makes some of the BEST ice cream (helado) in the world.  Come taste with us and learn from ice cream expert JuanJo Cardoso just what it is that makes helado so GOOOOOOOD here.

We had so much fun that we kept the interview (lesson) going and created part two, a bit more relaxed (we were stoned out on helado) but too good to edit out.  You are going to learn a lot about ice cream and more.  You will learn about the culture that consumes it.  HELADOOOOOOO !!!!!! Share in the flavors, don’t let it melt and please don’t forget the cucurucho.  LIFE IS SHORT – ENJOY IT !!!!


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Experience a night of eating MEAT – all you can eat – a PARRILLA LIBRE in a real barrio (Floresta) of Capital Federal.  This place is great – the meat is tender and succulent – the atmosphere authentic – the company muy amable and the noise levels practically impossible – ja – but we recorded it for you anyway.

Two notes of caution…

1. It starts calm but later the background noise of the busy parrilla gets intense so keep your finger on the volume control of your ipod.

2. Prepare yourself to get very, very, very hungry !  I want seconds (or thirds) just thinking about it.  Bring on the chori, the bondiola, the bife de chorizooooooo !

Buen provecho !!!

Under The Argentine Moon – Audio Book is NOW On line

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Erma Bombeck meets Sex in the City? Eat, Pray, Love Buenos Aires Style? No and Si. Come and have fun as a gringa adjusts to a new life in Argentina. It begins as seemingly frivolous musings of bad plumbing, street encounters, shopping and a natural curiosity and transforms into spiritual reflections, life passages …and … well much, much more.

Squatting Over a Bucket Under the Argentine Moon

Taste a (chick) chapter that will make you laugh.

Taste a chapter that will make everyone cry.

Taste a chapter that will make you think.

Then take it all in from start to finish. Improve your castellano vocabulary in a real life BA way.


Sample below then click here…

Squatting Over a Bucket Under the Argentine Moon

A Comprehensive MATE LESSON

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Join us for a very complete MATE LESSON including where, what, who, when and HOW. A huge thank you to author and journalist Carolina Lopez for teaching us “Carolina’s Way.”

“This is why I really wanted this lesson, not just for the mechanics but for what MATE means here because it isn’t just another beverage. It isn’t like sharing a coffee or going out for a beer or having a coke. It’s an intregal part of what Argentina is about which is community and friendship.”

This is a long lesson but there isn’t anything that could be edited out. An ALFAJORES discussion is included. Such a fun cultural and vocabulary exchange between friends. Listen in while you surf the net.


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Couchsurfing – what is it? Is it about surfing, furniture, sofas? NO. It is about community. Tune in and learn about the CouchSurfing Project. Buenos Aires is one of the most active chapters in the worldwide web-based organization. Now with members numbering over half a million couchsurfing is not only changing the way a person travels, it is changing the world.



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Join author Marc Thomas as he speaks with us about his latest novel “Ten2Seven”. The novel not only travels areas of the physical world but also areas deep within the soul. In this interview we focus on his early years as a teenager in Argentina during the coup d’état of the 70’s and segue to a spicy tidbit of “coming of age.” There is much more to the novel. Get it, read it. And while waiting…here is your chance to TASTE it.